Notation and report design

Simplified and standardized presentation in reporting

With digitalization and rapidly changing markets, management reporting must support efficient analysis and decision-making processes. Therefore, the communication function that the reporting has to fill must be supported by clear, transparent and focused messages.

In addition to the selection of the right key figures, the provision of reliable and consistent data as well as the preparation and processing of information in an agile and highly automated IT landscape, the simplification and standardization of presentation in reporting is of great importance. Due to the different presentation of the same facts, control processes become inefficient, which increases in a dynamic environment by a steadily growing wild growth - the potpourri of the forms of representation and report values ​​increases perseveringly. In this context, the clarity of the statements and the rapid recording of facts through a high recognition effect with a manageable number of key figures and reports should be focused. Here, the definition of a notation, which defines the way in which the objects are presented in reporting for each company, is essential.

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Die 4C Notation ©


Minimalism in Reporting - The 4C Notation ©: How to use a company-specific presentation to make your reporting appealing, thus increasing the acceptance and effectiveness of your top management
  • General rules of 4C notation ©
  • Negative Rules and positive rules of Notation
  • Guidelines for column and bar diagrams


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