Liquidity Management

A four-way battle

The fundamental ability to meet known and expected payment obligations is an obligation that every company must meet. At the same time, the provision of liquidity is not free of charge, so that the immediate cash balance should be kept as low as possible. Fulfilling this task is a four-fold battle.

Liquidity management – a complex task in form of a four-fold battle!

  1. The first discipline is the management and assessment of operational payments. Operational planning and forecasting are of particular importance here. In addition, the secret star is the operational excellence of the accounting system, because without a current accounting system with a meaningful open item accounting, every assessment becomes a torture. The freestyle is a perfect ordering system.
  2. The second discipline is the management of the structures of the business model - the quality of which is reflected above all in the working capital. Just to name a few examples: Here we recognize the payment targets from sales and purchasing as well as the quality of warehouse management or the design of the production chain. Even the speed of invoicing can be seen.
  3. The third discipline is the optimization of long-term financing, which determines on the one hand the callable liquidity and its call flexibility and on the other hand the financial burden of financing. The twin of financing, the investment strategy.
  4. Last but not least, the fourth discipline is the hedging and assessment of financial risks, e.g. exchange rate fluctuations from the operating business.
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