European Single Electronic Format

In 2013, the EU laid the groundwork for the introduction of a single reporting standard, ESEF (European Single Electronic Format), for the annual accounts of European companies. Already there the 01.01.2020 was set as the deadline for the beginning of these new regulations. At the end of 2017, ESMA, which is responsible for examining and drafting the EU Regulation and related requirements, has published a final draft regulation - the official adoption by the EU is expected in 2018.

The proposed regulation requires all capital market-oriented companies whose securities are traded on European markets to publish an electronically readable annual financial statement from 2020, which should serve the purpose of increasing public comparability of companies. In addition to a clear increase in capital market efficiency, this also means a visible improvement for regulators and financial service providers, but also for investors.

The innovations present companies with different organizational and procedural challenges, including the resulting system implications.

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A guide to European Single Electronic Format

Everything you need to know about ESEF!

4C GROUP AG | A Guide to ESEF / European Single Electronic Format
  • FAQs - who is affected, what is to be done, when must one react?
  • Effects of ESEF regulation on processes and systems
  • Overview of the system providers on the market
  • Recommendations and solutions of the 4C GROUP
  • Demonstration tagging and XBRL generation using an exemplary solution
Download (PDF - 15 pages, 1,0 MB)

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