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Digital Processing, Big Data, Predictive Analytics - What's New about Digitalization? Or is not Finance already digital enough?

Where does digitization begin?

There are currently no optimization projects in companies that are not sold internally with the keyword digitization. Process optimization sounds elaborate, harmonization sounds like resistance and centralization is almost an old hat.

Since digitization sounds better already! That's how you're up to date!

But what is that exactly? And what does digitization have to do with finance?

Digitization is the intention to use digital technology to offer new products, to be able to improve processes and to accelerate communication and networking!

Basically, digitization is nothing new. The replacement of the typewriter by the computer was a digitization of data storage (away from the Leitz folder to the Windows Explorer). If we talk about ERP systems and in particular about SAP, then "digitalization" has been pushed forward for 40 years.

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Our broschures for Digital Finance

Brochure: Digitization will change finance


Whitepaper on Digital Agenda: How to ask the right questions
  • Developing a finance vision
  • Creating new solutions: Design Thinking Workshops
  • Defining tasks and dependencies using the Digital Agenda

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 518 KB)
Digital Finance - Digitization will increasingly change finance

Contents at a glance:  

  1. Where does digitization begin? 
  2. Digitization is the project to use digital technology to offer new products, to improve processes and to improve communication and networking 
  3. Digital Strategy, Digital Operations and Digital Capabilities

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 535 KB)
Whitepaper for Reporting Factory - Reporting and digitization
  • Reporting 4.0 - digital and efficient
  • Challenges of the implementation
  • Best Practice - Reporting Factory in its purest form

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 575 KB)
Whitepaper electronic invoicing - paper invoices are a thing of the past: The ZUGFeRD format - an industry initiative
  • e-Invoice - everyone creates their own standard
  • The ZUGFeRD* format - an industry initiative

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 102 KB)
Whitepaper to process automation using the example purchase to pay - What happens to the accounts payable accountant?

The advancing digitalization promotes a process automation of the Purchase-2-Pay process and turns the buyer into an accountant - or vice versa!

  • Why process automation at all?
  • The choice of a suitable change management approach is of utmost importance for the success of the project.  

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 669 KB)
4C GROUP AG | E-booklet Robotic Process Automation
  • Understanding Robotic Process Automation
  • Application areas and functions
  • Roadmap
  • Market overview RPA solutions

Download (PDF - 28 pages, 1,9 MB)

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