Cost management and profitability management

Systematically or every year again?

Cost management is one of the supreme disciplines of management and controlling? In spite of all the wise treatises, many companies always find it opportune to take a drastic course of treatment or a cost-cutting project, in which all departments are then asked to make contributions or even to cut costs by a lump sum of x%. It is clear to everyone in the company that this approach cannot make sense - and everyone is also aware that political behaviour forces this approach. The alternative emergency nail is so-called benchmarking - in order to work out inefficiencies in an external comparison. This process, too, can quickly be called into question, since the incomparable is to be compared with the incomparable.

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Our broschures for cost management and profitability management

Cost management, cost and activity accounting, profitability management


Cost management - more than just cost reduction: Advantages of continuous potential control
  • Cost management - a central topic of corporate management
  • Solution: Control model aligned with the entire value chain
  • 4C consulting approach: holistic consideration of all relevant components of cost management
  • Results and benefits
Whitepaper to profitability management
  • Objectives of profitability and cost management
  • Basics and principles
  • Instrument kit
Cost and activity accounting indispensable in the age of digitisation? Increase the benefit!
  • Challenges: are the old ones - only in higher cycles and greater complexity
  • Cost and activity accounting is more than a BAB or a disregarded cost center evaluation.
  • 4C Healthcheck for a sound analysis of the KLR in your company

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