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What has changed in the CFO Office?

The demands on the CFO and its organization have changed strongly in the past years. Even if the focus of the CFO office has changed from the correct recording of transactions to business partners over the last 20 years, this has largely been based on a stable foundation of methods and instruments.

On the one hand, the complexity of the existing business has significantly increased through a more global, clearly more work-oriented line-up. In addition, business models are changing more rapidly and new business models are created, which still do not affect the still important intuition for the business.

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Selected customer references

BHS Corrugated, Proman, Viessmann and UTA


"The challenge of mapping an integrated business model of a global industrial group was big. Markus Noçon and his team masterfully implemented it and created a system that convinces through layout and usability. Despite the different business plans of the individual companies, from construction to production and service, it is thanks to the competence of the team that this has been implemented in Planning Analytics in a user-friendly way. By implementing Cognos Controller at the same time, an integrated system was created that maps the business processes from budgeting and planning to consolidation and reporting. The training of users at our locations in the USA and the Caribbean allows us to develop analyses and reports independently (cultural and language barriers were never an obstacle). Schedule and budget were always adhered to. 4C has repeatedly provided us with valuable ideas and impulses, and through professional methodology has created a system adapted to our specific needs."

Ulrich Wrabetz, Finance Director at Proman AG

"The 4C GROUP pursues a consulting approach that is rarely found today. The combination of professional know-how, procedural expertise and technical competence offers considerable added value, especially in performance management. Concept and implementation go hand in hand and you get not only a presentation of options, but real consulting based on individual requirements".

Oliver Braun, Head of Corporate Development, BHS Corrugated

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"With the IBM platform we have created a solution with which we have integrated and automated consolidation, forecasting, planning and reporting. The 4C GROUP supported us fully from the conception to the implementation and rollout. At the same time, an internal team was set up and trained so that we are able to carry out further developments ourselves as far as possible and use Planning Analytics as our "performance hub"."

Oliver Markert, Head of Accounting / Financial Reporting / Planning / Controlling / Tax bei UTA UNION TANK Eckstein GmbH & Co. KG

"The participants' assessment of the workshops was extremely positive, because it provided clarity in many areas about what changes with SAP S/4HANA compared to SAP R/3. It is also useful for the participants to know which steps need to be taken now and before the changeover to S/4HANA and how S/4HANA will affect their future working methods.

Dr. Volker Obermann, Global Head of Group Corporate Finance and Shared Service Areas at Viessmann about S/4 HANA Discovery Workshops with 4C GROUP AG

Our broschures for the CFO

Best Practices


Whitepaper Predictive Analytics - Take your forecast to the next level with predictive analytics!
  • Classification and benefits of predictive analytics
  • Requirements & limits
  • Procedure for the introduction of predictive analytics
  • About the cooperation of the 4C GROUP and the Controller Academy

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 779 KB)
10 Theses for Finance after Covid-19
  • Covid-19 as an evolutionary accelerator -10 Theses for Finance according to Corona
  • Opinions of finance experts about the time after Corona

Download (PDF - 1-Pager, 106 KB)
Cost and activity accounting indispensable in the age of digitisation? Increase the benefit!
  • Challenges: are the old ones - only in higher cycles and greater complexity
  • Cost and activity accounting is more than a BAB or a disregarded cost center evaluation.
  • 4C Healthcheck for a sound analysis of the KLR in your company

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 798 KB)
Planung - Implementierung eines weltweiten Lean Plannings
Case Study on Lean Planning at a leading global provider of special medical products - lean planning is only useful under certain conditions

Successful implementation of a worldwide lean planning

Download (PDF - One Pager, 165 KB)
Planning and implementation of a concept for planning and control processes
Case study of a pharmaceutical company - improve planning without overstraining the workforce

Implementation of a concept for planning and control processes to increase planning quality and safety

Download (PDF - One Pager, 161 KB)
Structure of a planning process
Case study on planning in a technology company - Planning must be? Then please helpful and fast

Development of a planning process and standardized project procedure in the area of application systems at a technology company

Download (PDF - One Pager, 161 KB)
Planning - Development of a control concept
Case study for the development of a uniform control concept for a spectacle manufacturer - Creating flexibility and an increase in the quality of planning and control

Development of a uniform, group-wide and information-based control concept

Download (PDF - One Pager, 161 KB)
Planning - Sales Planning
Case study on sales planning in an IT service and consulting company group - we get your numbers rolling

Analysis, implementation and support in setting up rolling sales planning

Download (PDF - One Pager, 160 KB)
Digitization and many innovative tools - and we fight with Excel and user exits! A new tool must come! You can see the computer revolution everywhere just not in the productivity statistics
  • What's the problem?
  • 4C Solutions-Navigator - take the right tool in your hand!  

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 130 KB)
Whitepaper to IFRS 16 - More than just balance sheet effects

The application of IFRS 16 has far-reaching accounting, organizational, procedural and technical implications. We provide an overview of:

  • Challenges
  • Solutions
  • Standardized process model to IFRS 16

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 241 KB)
Whitepaper to process mining - unprecedented transparency opens up the potential for standardization and permanent optimization!

Contents at a glance:

  1. Challenges 
  2. Identifying potentials 
  3. Measure the success 
  4. Best practice approach

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 614 KB)
Case study on the liquidity bottleneck of an hospital - financial management in times of crisis

Restructuring and interim management - Finance in hospitals

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 190 KB)
Whitepaper Target Operating Model - Preparation for CFO 4.0: Without a clear target image of the future finance organization, the CFO area will become the company's dinosaur!
  • How can the new available data be integrated into the reporting?
  • What does reporting and control look like under industry 4.0 sign?
  • What effect will the relocation of CRM systems to the cloud have on the CFO? 
  • Is the old paradigm that every number in the company must come from the CFO area losing its validity?
  • Can one trust the promises of the manufacturers who once again promise integration?
  • When can reporting and planning finally become part of general corporate management and not a controlling event?

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 685 KB)
SAP S/4HANA Discovery Workshops

Evaluate the potential of SAP S/4HANA finance for your company - individual, compact and fast!

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 169 KB)
CSR Reporting - legal duty and marketing dumb or meaningful control?

Since 2014, certain companies have been obliged to publish non-financial information on corporate social responsibility. We provide an overview of CSR reporting:

  1. Challenges in CSR Reporting 
  2. Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting
  3. Benefit of CSR Reporting

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 571 KB)
Digital Finance - Digitization will increasingly change finance

Contents at a glance:  

  1. Where does digitization begin? 
  2. Digitization is the project to use digital technology to offer new products, to improve processes and to improve communication and networking 
  3. Digital Strategy, Digital Operations and Digital Capabilities

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 535 KB)
Whitepaper electronic invoicing - paper invoices are a thing of the past: The ZUGFeRD format - an industry initiative
  • e-Invoice - everyone creates their own standard
  • The ZUGFeRD* format - an industry initiative

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 102 KB)
Whitepaper to process automation using the example purchase to pay - What happens to the accounts payable accountant?

The advancing digitalization promotes a process automation of the Purchase-2-Pay process and turns the buyer into an accountant - or vice versa!

  • Why process automation at all?
  • The choice of a suitable change management approach is of utmost importance for the success of the project.  

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 669 KB)
Whitepaper to profitability management
  • Objectives of profitability and cost management
  • Basics and principles
  • Instrument kit

Download (PDF - 5-Pager, 906 KB)
Effective group controlling ensures efficiency gains in group controlling: Success factors for the implementation of a successful group controlling
  • Why do we need effective group controlling?
  • Solutions and 4C Method for effective group controlling
  • Benefits and results


Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 703 KB)
Innovation Management - Laying the foundation for tomorrow's business: Not the generation of ideas, but their structured implementation to market maturity differentiates the champions from the competition
  • Innovation as one of the essential success factors of a company
  • Effective control and efficient organization
  • 4C Consulting approach and benefits and results

Download (PDF - 6-Pager, 333 KB)
Minimalism in Reporting - The 4C Notation ©: How to use a company-specific presentation to make your reporting appealing, thus increasing the acceptance and effectiveness of your top management
  • General rules of 4C notation ©
  • Negative Rules and positive rules of Notation
  • Guidelines for column and bar diagrams


Download (PDF - 8-Pager, 504 KB)
Reporting requires a structured closing process: Period ending - the inconspicuous process that depends a lot
  • Significance of the closing process for corporate management
  • best practice
  • Approach 4C GROUP

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 695 KB)
Top management reporting: Focusing corporate management on real key performance indicators - Powerful control concepts are the prerequisite for effective management cockpits
  • Need for effective and transparent control information as a starting point for the introduction of a Management Cockpit
  • 4C approach to developing an effective management cockpit
  • Advantages and Benefits of a Management Cockpit

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 940 KB)
Cost management - more than just cost reduction: Advantages of continuous potential control
  • Cost management - a central topic of corporate management
  • Solution: Control model aligned with the entire value chain
  • 4C consulting approach: holistic consideration of all relevant components of cost management
  • Results and benefits

Download (PDF - 5-Pager, 722 KB)
Creating the foundation for effective performance management: The path from controlling to corporate management
  • Initial situation and basis for successful performance management
  • 4C approach: creation of an instrument matrix 
  • Benefits and results: Support for the overarching management of the company and its individual divisions

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 712 KB)
Risk management: Ensuring long-term economic health of your company by actively managing opportunities and risks
  • Challenges in managing risks
  • 4C model for integrated management of operational risks
  • Benefits and results: Advantages of integrated risk management

Download (PDF - 2-Pager, 675 KB)
Whitepaper for Reporting Factory - Reporting and digitization
  • Reporting 4.0 - digital and efficient
  • Challenges of the implementation
  • Best Practice - Reporting Factory in its purest form

Download (PDF - 4-Pager, 575 KB)
What you can’t MEASURE, you can’t manage - The performance management method 4C MEASURE
  • Topics of the 4C MEASURE method
  • Essential features of the software solution
  • Realization plan - implementation in five steps
  • Advantages for your controlling

Download (PDF - 3-Pager, 735 KB)

Cooperation with Controller Academy

Partnership of the 4C GROUP with the Controller Academy


The Controller Academy and the 4C GROUP AG work in close cooperation. 

The Controller Academy is known for high-quality training and education seminars as well as consulting in the field of controlling design, especially from the perspective of the individual company.Through the partnership of the 4C GROUP with the Controller Academy, we can offer our customers in-depth experience in the entire spectrum of corporate management and controlling, from the individual company to the group, from management philosophy and conception to implementation in organisation, processes and systems! As trainers at the Controller Academy, Stephan Grunwald and Peter Keefer are also contact persons for the topics Target Operating Model and digital transformation. 

You can download our current white paper on predictive analytics in cooperation with the Controller Academy here.

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