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Leadership Excellence

In an era of fundamental economic and social upheaval and continuous disruption of traditional business models, the demands on leadership qualities at the decision-maker, CEO, and entrepreneur levels are becoming increasingly critical. Leadership Excellence is becoming indispensable as many transformation initiatives can no longer be led in isolation by individual business units, but require comprehensive, cross-functional management. The shift of responsibility for these transformation processes towards CEO offices is a clear trend.

Therefore, we have expanded our CEO consulting to focus on Leadership Excellence. It is crucial that leadership competencies at the CEO level are developed and deepened. Leadership Excellence involves the holistic assessment of triggers for change and their integration into strategic business development. In addition to changing the corporate and leadership culture, developing competencies in transformational excellence is a key aspect that will stand out as a decisive CEO quality in the coming years.

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Leadership Excellence
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Leadership Excellence Topics


Future Viability Topics

  • Value and Purpose
  • Branding
  • Corporate Culture
  • Governance
  • Leadership Culture



Business Model Strategy Topics

  • Viability Business Models
  • Digital Ecosystems
  • Agile learning Organization
  • Innovation Scouting
  • Digital Transformation
  • Customer Centricity
Successfully manage service providers: Success Factors for effective Vendor Management
  • Managing external service providers or shared service centers
  • Factors for result-oriented and successful vendor management 
  • Solution: Targeted design and consistent performance of the central tasks of vendor management

Success Factors

  • Adapting to Disruptive Changes: Avoid switching to autopilot and passively waiting for external changes to unfold.
  • Responsibility in the Expanded CEO Office: Centralize key issues like ESG transformation, demographic shifts, IT and cybersecurity, and the digitalization of business models in this extended function.
  • Triggering Fundamental Cultural Changes: Change projects fundamentally influence corporate management and its raison d'être.
  • Crisis Resilience: The current geopolitical situation highlights the fragility of supply and sales channels, underlining the need for increased resilience.
  • Control Instruments and Early Warning Systems: These are essential for success and liquidity, enabling proactive responses to challenges.
  • Strengthening IT Capabilities, Resources, and Protection Mechanisms: Ensuring information technology security and efficiency.

Those who want to succeed in times of disruptive change cannot afford to switch to autopilot and wait to see how certain external conditions evolve. The central themes we assign to this Leadership Excellence, whose responsibility progressively falls to an expanded CEO Office, include change projects for ESG transformation, demographic shift, IT security or cybersecurity, and the digitalization of business models. These induce fundamental cultural changes in how a company is led or justifies its existence. Certainly, the creation of increased crisis resilience is also vital, as the current geopolitical situation clearly demonstrates to companies how fragile their supply and distribution channels are. In addition to sharpening control instruments and early warning systems for success and liquidity, the development of crisis intervention skills and processes, as well as strengthening information technology capabilities, resources, systems, and protection mechanisms should not be neglected.

Learning from the crisis: These central questions are now coming into focus.


How do we develop core competencies for business transformation both internally and externally?

How do we address long-term drivers of transformation such as demographic shifts and ESG transformation within the company?

What leadership qualities are needed to tackle future challenges and how do we attract and cultivate these in the company?

How can we make our business model more resilient to crises and implement more effective crisis management strategies to proactively respond to crises and minimize risks like cyberattacks or supply chain failures?

Why 4C?

Learning from the Crisis

Our consulting approach focuses on key issues such as building transformation competencies, dealing with long-term transformation drivers, preparing employees for cultural and social changes, developing necessary leadership qualities, managing existential risks, the crisis resilience of business models, early crisis detection and management, and the implementation of effective tools and methods for crisis resolution."


Our Goal

.. is to support our clients in making their companies more resilient, agile, and forward-thinking by placing Leadership Excellence at the heart of their corporate strategy. Furthermore, we aim to empower our clients not only to develop leadership strength but also to sustainably embed it in their corporate culture, securing lasting success and growth.

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