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Digitization, Chief Digital Officer - what has changed?

Whether a corporate group, large corporation or owner-managed company - everyone has to face the "digital age" with complex challenges. New, digitally affine target groups demand offerings that are simple and networked and make specific use of new technologies "use case". As a result, new business models are emerging, industry boundaries are blurring, and new competitors are emerging rapidly. What was elementary yesterday may be irrelevant tomorrow.
At the same time, it is precisely these dynamics that are causing complexity to increase enormously within organizations and in interaction with partners: How can new initiatives be networked and managed in a way that creates synergies with the core business and beyond the boundaries of the company? What framework conditions must be created for the implementation of the initiatives on the one hand and for their sustainable anchoring in the organization and culture on the other? These are questions that affect the entire company and therefore need to be addressed throughout the company.
This is also shown by the development of the role of the CDO - originally intended as the central driver and "chief" of digital initiatives. The role model shifts once the impulse for digital transformation is given. The CDO role is "no longer mandatory", his tasks flow into different roles and areas and are thus integrated holistically into the company. This makes it clear that digitization is not (any longer) a single discipline but becomes part of all corporate functions and is only successful in the long term if it runs through the entire organization and is holistically coordinated and implemented.

Development of customer-centric and networked business models

To come straight to the point, there is no ideal-typical and chronological path to customer-centric and networked business models. Depending on the company-specific situation and digital maturity level, there are different strands of action. For the classification and structured processing of these, we focus on three central value creation stages on the "journey" to customer-centric and networked business models.

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Current topics for the CDO

9 Theses for digitiziation after Covid-19
  • Covid-19 as an enforcement accelerator - 9 theses for digitization according to Corona
  • Opinions of digitization experts about the time after Corona

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Our best practices for the CDO

Our approach for successful digitization


4C GROUP AG | Digital Strategy
  • Definition of customized digitization strategies
  • Customer needs at the center of the digitization strategy
  • Market and organization view
  • Starting points for successful implementation

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Case study on agile product development at a financial services provider - with structured creativity to innovative services

The Lean Service Creation approach to developing digital product ideas for a Pure Digital Player in the financial services industry.

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