Implementation or change of business applications

The right approach for large transformation projects

Business applications - such as ERP systems, CRM suites, Core Banking Systems, HR Systems, Compliance Systems, In / Exkasso systems or data warehouse applications - are a key success factor for companies. They carry the main burden of digital business processes and are deeply wired into the business areas. New requirements must be cost-effective and fast to implement. The risks of the operation must remain manageable. Older business applications are quickly becoming a burden in these respects.
The introduction or change of central business applications is a rare event, which is characteristic for a whole generation of employees. At the same time, such projects are one of the most risky projects in the company - because of the high investment and the real risk of failure.

Our 4C approach makes this transformation manageable. The development of a suitable strategy helps to set the right course. A solid preparation of the transformation ensures the controllability for the management at all phases. 4C accompanies the transformation as a "passenger on time" until its successful conclusion.

Our broschure for implementation or change of business applications

E-booklet implementation or change of business applications, Whitepaper on transformation of business applications


4C GROUP AG | E-Booklet Implementation or change of business applications
  • Initial situation and benefits for the customer
  • transformation drivers
  • 4 steps to successful transformation
  • transformation strategy
Whitepaper on Transformation of Business Applications - Leading the Generation change of a critical Business Application to success
  • The main challenges in companies
  • Phase 1 - Transformation Impact & Strategy
  • Phase 2 - Transformation Design
  • Phase 3 - Transformation Execution

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