Advanced Project Management

Consideration of the special challenges of financial service providers

The pressure on change in the banking and financial services industry is very high and will continue to increase in the future. Reasons for this increasing need for change and development are, among other things, digitization, new regulatory requirements and the ongoing low interest rate phase. In order to meet these challenges, banks and insurance companies often carry out projects. However, in many cases the necessary methodical project management know-how is lacking in order to successfully manage these projects and to ensure the success and the desired benefits of the projects.

The 4C GROUP has many years of experience in the management of projects in the financial services industry. Our customers rely on us and on our ability to manage projects of all kinds and sizes successfully - from project start to conception to implementation and project completion. We support our customers in various project-related functions, such as as project managers, subproject managers, project managers, project portfolio managers, project management offices (PMOs) or project governance, and take particular account of the specific challenges faced by financial service providers, compliance with regulatory or legal requirements.

Our broschures for advanced project management

project portfolio management, Project Governance


Successful implementation of corporate goals through active management of the project portfolio: Focusing scarce resources on business-critical projects
  • Challenges in project portfolio management
  • Solution: Intelligent project portfolio management
  • Methodical approach and 4C consulting approach
  • Benefits and results of a consistent application of project portfolio management
Whitepaper on Project Governance - successfully master the change marathon: How management and top management can still sleep peacefully with 4C Project Governance © in mission-critical projects
  • The essential challenges and change processes in companies
  • Solution: The initialization of 4C Project Governance ©
  • 4C Consulting approach
  • Benefits and Results of a Created 4C Project Governance ©: Overview of Key Value Contributions of 4C Project Governance ©

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