Re:Align - Adaption of the new normal

Due to the manifold political and social discussions regarding the economic effects of the Sars-Cov2 crisis, the impact on the German national budget and EU-wide measures, as well as the different reactions from the competing economic areas in Asia and North America, it is already clear that economic life and the expectations of many stakeholders such as employees, customers and politicians will change dramatically.
It is still too early to predict which changes will occur in which areas and how sustainable they will be. But in recent months it has become clear to every owner and decision-maker that changes can occur in all areas. We have already presented these in detail in our Post-Covid-19 thesis papers written by our experts from the various CxO areas and industries, and we have published them throughout forums and social media.
From today's point of view, a "realignment" makes sense for every company in such a way that, starting from the existing business model, all central course settings, hypotheses and paradigms are thoroughly tested.

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Hans-Martin Schneider
Stephanie Oeking
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