4C Profile

Our consulting expertise effectively concentrates on the link between strategy and execution. It combines vital elements that belong together: strategy and its implementation and enforcement in selected corporate functions. We guide and support our clients with our highly developed implementation skills, exceptional sense of responsibility as well as business expertise and assume bottom-line responsibility - wherever necessary. In addition, we design and drive fundamental business transformations. This is how we progressed to one of the leading independent management consulting firms in Germany.






Year of foundation


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Our values

4C stands for four values that determine our philosophy.


The basis. Diversity of experience adds strength and conviction.


Better controls settle the race

To develop optimal controlling and decision making processes for a company is one thing. To implement this concept and transform it into daily practice is another. The goal of the implementation is not the journey, as Confucius suggests. Instead, we design the implementation process very deliberately and very precisely to be as fast, short and effective as possible. One 4C value is particularly important in this process: competence. 


The energetic ingredient. Creativity points new ways to a better solution.


Detours are sometimes better shortcuts

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Often, however, this is also a very rigid, unproductive route. For example, if you always drive straight ahead, you fail to notice the opportunities and support that are available on the left and the right. For us, creativity and intuition are often better navigators, since they allow new paths and better solutions to appear. Among the 4Cs that guide our work, one of the most exceptional values is creativity.

Change Driven

The mindset. The decisiveness with which we manage and organize change processes.


True excellence means keeping the grip

Constantly changing conditions are at the heart of rallye racing. Winning demands quick reactions, staying the course with intelligence and the right strategy. We guide our clients through their change processes with considerable experience, a high level of responsibility and complete concentration on the common goal. And if the situation demands it, we temporarily take the wheel.

Customer Focused

The extra mile. We want to be measured by the success of our clients.


The co-pilots goals is the driver's success

The strongest driving force along the way is shared ambition, combined with trust and openness. The alertness and experience of our team provide the necessary breadth of vision. The driver can count on his advisor's knowledge and expertise. He finds the optimal path to the goal for the man in control. The success for the joint effort belongs to the driver, that means top management.

Our expertise

We offer a selected range of consulting services, which we have continuously expanded for more than 20 years, and geared towards the needs and requirements of the corporate functions: CFO | Finance Management, CIO | Information Management, CHRO | Human Resources Management, CCO | Compliance Management and the overarching change competencies of Business Transformation and Digital Business Innovation. In addition, we also focus on advising owner-managed companies in special phases.

Our clients

Our clients are well-known companies as well as hidden champions and market leaders. We have developed exceptional expertise in financial serviceshealthcaremanufacturing and industrial services as well as technology. Among our clients are major corporations as well as medium-sized companies, including owner-managed businesses.

Unlike others

We work with passion, with corporate responsibility and with a precision that only real implementers know. We enable our consultants to develop into personalities who show courage and stand up for their work. They serve our clients and not their egos - in other words, they are committed to our values. Our solutions have an entrepreneurial quality and design. However, we are only satisfied if they have been adequately implemented, meaning fully coordinated, effectively combined, and perfectly synchronized. We enforce performance and implement whatever the right solution requires, including taking on operational responsibility if required. This consulting approach sets us apart, as well as the impact we reach as a result.

Temporary co-pilots

We regard ourselves as partners with our clients as their temporary co-pilots in their challenging and demanding business rallye. Throughout our projects we make a vital contribution to corporate controlling and strategic decision making.