The founders of 4C inherited an Anglo-American advisory attitude, before they started their spin-off consultancy in 1997. This of course has left traces in our culture today.

Self perception

We consult "unlike others". This is reflected in our consulting philosophy and consequently in our customer relationships. Our discipline is marathon. The goal is always the customer's benefit. Enforcing Performance is our mission.

Longterm orientation

We are consultants who truly engage with our clients and deep dive into their business. This is impossible, if you just want to gain fast glimpse or our clients' business. Career@4C means a life-time career orientation, where our consultants grow individually. Long-term also applies to our growth strategy. Quality comes before revenue.

Rituals and more

From family businesses, one can learn to transform a workplace to a professional home base integrated with a private and social environment - this is particularly important for young people. We enjoy working and working together as a team, therefore we celebrate successes together.

Initiative and scope

4C is a good place for new ideas. They are appreciated and strongly supported, if they turn out to be not just new, but also promising. We also have the financial basis to start up such innovative ideas. Our decision-making is that of entrepreneurs.

Musketeer principle

Our maxim "one firm" determines our corporate culture - from the very beginning. Our incentive and personal appraisal system plays an important and stabilizing role: The overall success of the company is generally rewarded higher than individual achievements. Collegial cooperation comes before egoism.

Partner role

A 4C Partner is difficult to recognize. They do not behave as owners, they actually work. More than half of their time is spent working on projects with our clients.

Character and talent

Eleven football stars do not create a team.  A zoo cannot be made up just with tigers. The mix of talents and characters define success - and the fun factor. We count on a heterogeneous "workforce" with varying talents and temperaments who dedicate themselves to a common concept of teamwork. They are consultants sharing knowledge and pursuing an overarching mission: enforcing performance.