Our corporate culture

We consider our corporate culture to be our DNA. It shapes us and multiplies in our employees. It guides us every day, in everything we do. We are proud of our DNA and are happy to see it evolve without changing the core.




Eleven soccer stars don't make up a team. Just tigers don't make up a zoo. For us, the mix of talents and characters creates success - and fun. We rely on a heterogeneous team with different talents and temperaments, committed to a common set of values. Our true characters share their knowledge and all pursue one higher goal: Enforcing Performance.


"One Firm" is our maxim - right from the start. Our incentive and evaluation system plays an important and stabilizing role in all of this. Overall success is generally higher rewarded than individual success. Close cooperation goes over egoism: One for all, all for one.


Our partners are difficult to recognize. They are not detached, but in the middle of current happenings. They spend more than half of their time developing our employees or "on" projects with our customers.


We are consultants who get deeply involved with our customers and their business models. This is not possible if you only want to gain a quick "glimpse". Career@4C is designed as a life-time model, with individual career tracks at a suitable pace. This long-term approach also applies to our growth strategy. Quality comes before sales.


We are family. We enjoy our work, , the success that comes with it and our time with each other. As a team, we are happy when our workplace develops into a professional and social home. Our rituals are as old as our company and we foster them: just like in the good old days, each employee receives the 4C watch for 10 years of service as a "temporary Co-Pilot".


Our consulting experience "differentiates" from others, because we make our clients' challenges and goals our own. Our consulting philosophy "temporary co-pilot" shapes the relationships with our customers. Our core discipline is the long haul. Our customer promise is the extra mile. Enforcing performance is our mission.


"Roll up your sleeves and get things done together" - this is our motto. New ideas are doing well at 4C. They are appreciated and supported if they are not only new, but also great. We strongly encourage the development of new ideas and support our employees in taking responsibility for implementing them.


We regard our own social responsibility as a prerequisite for long-term success as entrepreneurs. That's why we drive corporate social responsibility not only to our customers, but also to the attention of all our employees.


We believe in the power of diversity. We are creating a flexible organization that offers all our employees a long-term career path and actively promote our diversity. We are colorful and want to become even more colorful, using various formats, such as our forum women@4C network for developing our female consultants.